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Amazon Keyword Search Generator

    Background - Why Write Another Keyword Tool For Amazon?

    With all the Amazon Keyword Tools out there, why did I bother writing and publishing another one?

    First and foremost - I like programming and creating things.

    Secondly, though, this Amazon keyword generator does something that I haven’t been able to find on any of the other keyword tools - a link to the Amazon search results page for that keyword.

    What’s so important about the search results? While keyword suggestions are nice (and an important part of this tool!) I wanted to see what the competition is for each of these keywords with one simple click. And what better place to see the competition than on Amazon itself!

    I knew I could generate the appropriate URL after analysing Amazon’s search URLs.

    I plan on using this mostly for my Merch By Amazon T-Shirt / Print-On-Demand business, but it can also be useful if you’re an Amazon Associate (aka Amazon Affiliate), Amazon FBA seller, or just sell on Amazon in general.

    Technical Stuff

    This is all written in the browser in JavaScript and uses JQuery. You can view the source either by simply viewing source on your browser, or you can go to the source hosted on GitHub.

    It uses a JSONP callback to Amazon’s API, which I learned from this post on Stackoverflow.