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I am Joe. I’m one of many Joes, but I am uniquely me. I’m the messiest organized guy you’ll ever meet. My glasses are always bent and my hair always a mess. I’ve never had a role model and as such am my own person.

I wrote that paragraph over ten years ago as my “about you” when I first joined Facebook. At some point, I copied it over to my Twitter account and added the following:

Scientist, programmer, Christian, libertarian, and life long learner.

I even hash-tag-ified them - it helps followers find me.

I’ve been creating content on the Internet since before some of my coworkers were born. My first foray into the dot-com space was with GeoCities and Angelfire.

I learned HTML by viewing the source of various websites - most notably a website known as RPGamer.

I’ve been programming since my age was in the single-digits. I started with MS-DOS batch files and eventually discovered that QBasic came pre-installed on the computer I was using.

Today, I program in Java during the day. Sometimes at night, too.

From 2009 - 2012, I blogged at a site I called Hendrices - which is a pluralization of my last name. You can view parts of the site in the WayBack Machine. I’ve also imported some of the old blog posts here on the site.

For a more professional overview of me, check out both my résumé here on the site and my LinkedIn profile.

If you want to contact me, the best way is to shoot a message to me via my Facebook page.