December 2019 Book Reading List

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It’s been a heck of a year so far. It’s the twelfth and I haven’t even published a post yet!

The reason being this thing that happened at the end of last year:

Hopefully starting next month I’ll have a section called “Books I Read to My Daughter.” For now, I just have my two regular sections:

Books I Read to My Son

I read to my son eleven different books in December:

Of course, Christmas being in December, he had quite a few Christmas books read to him.

He’s also learning to count. Right now he can count to six (although he skips two). I don’t think he quite understands what counting is, he just likes to repeat the pattern.

The Books I Read for Me

I read two books for me.

The first was Android Development for Gifted Primates: A Beginner’s Guide. Last year I had a goal to publish an Android App. I never made that goal, but I have been working towards it. This book, while outdated (then again, any book on computers is outdated by the time it is published), did help me in a few places I got stuck.

The other book I read was Hacking for Beginners: Step By Step Guide to Cracking Codes Discipline, Penetration Testing, and Computer Virus. Learning Basic Security Tools On How To Ethical Hack And Grow. Despite its name, it more provided an overview of hacking techniques (e.g. SQL injection, XSS scripting) rather than how to do those techniques. Also, I felt as if the book was translated from another language (perhaps German) via software. There were a few spots that the word didn’t seem to get translated.

Despite being busy with the new baby, I am still getting some reading in.

Until next month!

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