Does Friday the 13th Happen More Often in October?

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Not only is today Friday the 13th, it’s also October. And I don’t know about you, but I feel as if a disproportionate amount of Friday the 13th’s happen in October.

Wanting to know if my perception met reality, I took at look at the distribution table on Wikipedia and counted how many times Friday the 13th happened in the 20th and 21st centuries.

It turns out that most months have had (and will have) 29 Friday the 13th’s across the two centuries. October? Only 28. The only other month with 28 is May. Every other month has 29.

So for this century and last, every month has 29 Friday the 13th’s - except for October and May, which only have 28.

Ok, so how about in my lifetime? How many Friday the 13th’s has there been between when I was born (late February 1984) and today?

In that case, I’ve experienced 6 instances of Friday the 13th in October. Which is the typical amount. Only February, June, and August have less - 5.

Alas, it seems my perception does not indeed meet reality.

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