Google Timeline for Web Maps Will Be Going Away

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It seems Google Timeline for Web Maps will be going away. Which means I will no longer be able to check on the status of my globe-trotting adventures on the web.

Map of my Globe-Trotting Adventures

Thankfully, Google Timeline isn’t going completely away. It’s just going to be stored completely on device. At some point, the Google Maps app on your phone should send you a push notification saying the web portion will be going away and you need to do some sort of update if you want to keep your data; I have no idea when or how soon, though.

Which, as much as I hate not being able to see my history on my desktop, is a net good. Google won’t be able to provide this data when subpoenaed because they won’t have the data.

Here’s a couple of Google Support topics on the issue (some only tangentially so):

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