How to Get Points on WeBull

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WeBull is a zero-commission brokerage app - a competitor to Robinhood. One of the things that sets WeBull apart from Robinhood is the ability to paper trade.

Paper trading is simulated trading that doesn’t risk real money - it is pretend. Not only does WeBull offer paper trading, but they also have a paper trading competition - with real prizes.

The only issue is to enter the Paper Trading Competition, you need WeBull Points.

WeBull describes Webull Points (for some reason the “b” isn’t capitalized) in the following dialog:

What are Webull Points? Dialog The “What are Webull Points?” Dialog

In case the image didn’t load, the text reads as follows:

What are Webull Points?

Webull points are based on your contributions to Webull and the community. You can earn points by posting comments and ideas in the Webull community, completing tasks, and participating in our promotional activities, etc. These points can be redeemed for upcoming Webull products and services.

The only way I know right now to get Webull Points is to make stock predictions.

The “Stock Predictions” dialog in the WeBull app describes how you get points from stock predictions, as well as when and how many you can make:

Stock Predictions Dialog The “Stock Predictions” Dialog

Again, in case the image didn’t load, the text reads as follows:

Stock Predictions

Make your stock prediction now. You will win 1 Webull point for every correct prediction. You are limited to 10 predictions per trading session. The prediction window closes at 2 pm, and the prediction period for the next trading session begins at market close.

It took me a bit to figure out exactly how to make stock predictions in WeBull in order to get my WeBull Points. At first, I tried to make stock predictions on the normal order screen. It turns out you have to make the stock predictions on the paper trading order screen.

In case you’re curious the exact steps to get to the stock predictions, here they are:

  1. In the WeBull app, select the menu in the lower right, then select paper trading in the middle of the screen:

Step one.

  1. Select the trade/hammer icon:

Step two.

  1. Search for a stock - any stock, maybe something well known? - and select one of the options:

Step three.

  1. Scroll down and you’ll see a greenish/reddish line (sorry color blind people) with a “Bullish” and “Bearish” button. Click whichever button you think the stock is. Bullish means you think it’ll go up, bearish means you think it’ll go down.

Step four.

I’m not entirely sure what the percentages mean, but if I were to guess, it’s probably the percent of predictions that have already been made. If I’m right, in the above screenshot, 58% of predictions were bullish and 42% were bearish for the Tesla stock - at the time I took the screenshot.

The system doesn’t seem to indicate how many predictions you have made. I’m not even sure how to keep track of what predictions you’ve made. After you make ten predictions in a day, the following dialog will pop up if you try to make another prediction:

Max predictions dialog.

If you don’t know what you’re doing at first, just guess. With ten guesses, you should average five correct answers a day, which would be five points a day.

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Are there any other ways to get WeBull points I don’t know about that you do? What is your trading strategy? Comment below!

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  • Apparently another way to get WeBull points is to comment on stocks. I’m also seeing the stock predictor on normal order pages now?

    Point Records

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  • avatar for Chris Chris

    They’ve now added this to the comment section under a given stick, FWIW. Same bullish/bearish interfaces. Same frustrating lack of feedback.

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  • avatar for Jim Jim

    This seems broken to me. What time frame is used to determine bearish or bullish.. open and close? Every hour? 15 minutes? It also alllows voting after market hours. I voted on a Sunday after it closed down on Friday and I voted bearish and lost accuracy percentage points…

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