Interesting Reads for the Week Ending July 2nd

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Week five of interesting reads in the sixth week. I missed last week due to being on vacation.

The Rules

Here are the rules for what articles I choose to include in this weekly roundup:

  1. It can’t be anything I wrote.
  2. It has to be something I actually read. Nothing that simply had an interesting headline.
  3. I have to have read it since the previous post. It does not have to be something that was written in the past week.
  4. It has to be something I read online. In other words, it has to be a webpage with a URL.

The Reads

It seems now that To Fly a Drone in the U.S., You Now Must Pass FAA’s TRUST Test. I think the title doesn’t emphasize the fact that this is for flying recreationally. For fun. I think you already needed one to fly for business.

The FAA doesn’t administer the test themselves, however. They do have a list of approved test administrators. Even though I don’t even own a drone, I went ahead and took the TRUST test at the Boy Scout’s website.

My FAA TRUST certificate.

My FAA TRUST certificate.

For the last few months (April 12th through June 1st to be exact), Mint held a contest where you could win $10,000. This month - July 1st through the 31st - Mint is doing another contest with 10 weekly winners who will win $500 or $1,000. At the end of the month, there will be a grand prize of $50,000.

I didn’t win last time. I probably won’t win again. But the effort to log into Mint each day is minimal, so I might as well.

I haven’t played with it yet, but GitHub Copilot looks interesting. It’s like autocomplete with AI.

People were surprised when A Man Flew Through Times Square on a Colossal Drone.

The original Tweet with the video seems to be gone, but one of the replies also had a video:

Since I only have a few years left until I hit that age, I had to read Challenging the Myth That Programming Careers End at 40. Fortunately, there are people in their sixties who are still working on their craft.

This sounded exhausting - the author Tried to Network With 30 People in 30 Days. Networking - the people kind - is one of my biggest challenges, and it doesn’t help that I’m an introvert. In fact, networking is my go-to “greatest weakness” in job interviews.

This article resonated with me: Bad coding practices. 5 horrific techniques that will make your co-developers really hate your code. So many times I come across a variable that either doesn’t describe what it does or is abbreviated beyond all recognition. C’mon, people, you’re not saving anything by cutting out a few letters in that there variable name! Plus - copy and pasted code is not using the same code.

I mentioned a few weeks about how I have an exercise routine. I figured I needed to add stretches to my routine, so I found this beginner’s guide to mobility & stretching. That guide from Men’s Health has six not-too-difficult stretches, along with animated gifs showing how the stretches are done.

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