June 2018 Book Reading List

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Time is precious - once again, I only managed to fit in one book in my busy schedule for the month. Hopefully, come August, I’ll have more time, since the last session for the last class in my Master’s program is on July 25th. Of course, my son might be mobile by then - he’ll be four months on the 26th - so he will require more attention.

The book I managed to read this month was Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog: How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick and What to Do Next. This was an ebook that the author happened to be giving away for free at the time; it’s somewhere around nine dollars right now.

Children’s Books

While I only read one book for myself, I was able to read four different books to my son. Of course, reading multiple books is easier when each one can easily be read in a single sitting :).

The books I read to my son this month are:

The first two books were just books that we had - my wife likes to buy our son books. Used and at a discount, of course!

My wife got me the Jimmy Fallon book for father’s day in addition to a couple nerdier children’s books (HTML for Babies, CSS for Babies, JavaScript for Babies, and Newtonian Physics for Babies if you must know).

My mom got us Love You Forever. It’s actually kind of creepy… Just check out the one-star-reviews for the book. It’s still a sweet book, though.

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  • How sweet that you read to your son! Starting at an early age can make him a lifelong reader (my parents did the same for me and I LOVE books).

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