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How 0% Interest Can Be A Lie

August 15, 2018

How 0% Interest Can Be A Lie

Recently my brother was telling me about a deal he received on financing a new truck. He had gone to the dealer to browse and possibly buy, and after a bit of negotiation with the salesperson, agreed to a price of $20,000* at 0% interest for 60 months. However, the dealer was unable to actually approve him for 0% interest, so my brother shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to walk.

July 2018 Book Reading List

August 2, 2018

July has come and gone and I have finally - FINALLY - finished my master’s degree. I’m done with classes. I’ve yet to receive that piece of paper saying I’m done in the mail, but all that’s left is waiting. No more responsibility. That means I have more time for reading (and video games, and writing, and my wife and son - but of course not in that order!)