Record Mapping Strategy for OpenCSV

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I’ve deployed yet another artifact to Maven Central - this time a record mapping strategy that allows you to read and write Java Record Classes with OpenCSV.

As always, I have the code on GitHub.

And here’s the dependency information for a Maven POM file:


And here’s a repeat of the README file:

Record Mapping Strategy for OpenCSV

A record mapping strategy that allows OpenCSV to read and write Java Records.

How to use

To read from a CSV:

var fileReader = new FileReader("myRecord.csv");

var csvReader = new CSVReader(fileReader);

var csvToBeanBuilder = new CsvToBeanBuilder<MyRecord>(csvReader)
        .withMappingStrategy(new RecordMappingStrategy<>(MyRecord.class));

var actualList =;


To write to a CSV:

var fileWriter = new FileWriter("myRecord.csv");

var csvWriter = new StatefulBeanToCsvBuilder<MyRecord>(fileWriter)
    .withMappingStrategy(new RecordMappingStrategy<>(MyRecord.class))


// If using a FileWriter, don't forget to close it otherwise Java might
// not finish writing to the file.

Why use RecordMappingStrategy to write?

Why not just use HeaderColumnNameMappingStrategy, which RecordMappingStrategy extends?

HeaderColumnNameMappingStrategy makes the column headers all-caps, which is okay until you try to read the CSV file.

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