September 2018 Book Reading List

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Sometime around September 15th I looked at the date and realized I hadn’t been reading anything for me. I had been reading fairly regularly to my son - a dozen or so different books in September - but I must’ve been too busy for myself.

So I chose two books to read. The first book was intentionally short so I’d have something for this blog post. The other book I’m still working on. Hopefully, I’ll finish it by the end of the month so you can find out what it is :)

Books I Read for Me

So what was that short book I read?

I picked this book up for free at a Libertarian convention a few years ago (I don’t really remember which year it was). Essentially it argues that in order for freedom to succeed, people need to have strong morals.

Books I Read to My Son

Here are the dozen or so (15 - I just counted!) books I read to my son:

He’s six months old now. It’s simply amazing how fast he grows and changes. I know it’s cliche, but when you’re used to adults who don’t even change over the course of years or even decades, it’s amazing to see someone change in such short amount of time.

Before I finish this post, here’s a video of him petting one of our dogs while I was holding him:

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