The Real Danger of AI

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And it’s not that it’s going to take over everyone’s job.

That threat is bad, true. AI is definitely going to upset and transform the job market. But that’s not where the danger lies.

And it’s not that AI is biased. I mean, AI is biased. And that fact is definitely a danger.

The true danger of artificial intelligence?

It’s that people are going to trust it. Like when Michael Scott drove into a lake because the GPS told him to.

People think that ChatGPT can write an entire program for them? Sure - but do you really think that the data it was trained on had no bugs or security vulnerabilities?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Those companies that use AI wrong are going to do more damage to themselves than those companies that don’t use AI.

Those companies that manage to use AI right? Those companies will excel.

The hard part will be telling which company from which.

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