Why Do I Always Read Those "How to Make Passive Income" Articles

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Why do i always read those “How to Make Passive Income” news articles and blog posts?

They always say the same thing.

Invest in dividend stocks

Yeah, I know. I already do this with Robinhood, Webull to a lesser extent, and of course good old Vanguard and Fidelity with those tax-advantaged accounts otherwise known as a 401k and IRA of the Roth variety.

And, ignoring the fact I already do this, “dividend stocks” might not be the best stocks to invest in.

Put your money in a high-yield savings account.

Hello, Ally. That’s my go-to savings at something like 4% right now? I don’t know - they keep raising it. Which is good, except it means that inflation has been rising, too.

Plus, my local credit union pays something like 7% on the first so-much I have in their savings account.

And - get this - putting money in a high-yield savings account isn’t that different from “investing in dividend stocks.” You have to have money first. Thankfully, I’m at a point in my life that I do. Is it luck? Fortune? Privilege?

Write a blog

You’re here. I’m doing that. And I do make money with Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. But only around $100 a month. Which isn’t too bad, considering I spend… $12 a year on the domain?

Create digital products

Check out my two books on Amazon:

Both of which I’ve sold zero copies, netting me a whopping zero commission.

I also got some icons available for purchase over at the Noun Project. I’ve made ten or so dollars over the last ten or so years.

Nothing amazing, but I’m doing it.

Yep. I do this, too.

I got two low-content books on Amazon, both of which haven’t sold a single copy:

I’ve got t-shirts and other stuff on Amazon and t-shirts on TeePublic. But whenever I sit down to design a shirt, my mind goes blank…

Will I keep reading “How to Make Passive Income” articles


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