2020 Goal Check-In

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It’s July, the seventh month, meaning the first six months of the year are over. In other words, the year is already more than halfway over.

I talked with my wife the other night after we put the kids to bed about we’re we stood on our goals for 2020.

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The Goals We’re Missing

A few of these goals we haven’t been able to do due to the coronavirus pandemic. These missed goals include:

  • Volunteering at church at least once.
  • Having seven date nights this year.
  • Attending a marriage seminar and/or retreat.
  • Attending conferences and other networking events.
  • Going to Sam’s Club when they have their free cholesterol-checking clinics.

Our church’s public masses (i.e. services) we canceled from sometime in March but resumed on May 25. However, we feel that having two kids increases the disease vector not necessarily for us, but for the other parishioners in attendance.

One of the conferences I intended on going to - the District 40 “D40” Toastmaster Conference - was canceled. I did attend the first sitting of the 2020 Libertarian Convention - virtually - where we nominated Jo Jorgensen for President and Spike Cohen for Vice President. Next weekend I’ll be going to the Libertarian Party of Ohio 2020 State Convention - with a mask, of course.

I’m not sure Sam’s Club is even having their free public cholesterol-checking clinics. Even if they were, I wouldn’t want to go.

The Goals We’re Making

However, we have been able to meet (or are on target to make) quite a few goals:

  • Continue maxing out our 401k matches.
  • Continue maxing out our HSA and Roth IRAs.
  • Continue putting $25 per month per kid into each of their 529s.
  • We already paid off more than our goal of $20k in debt.
  • Working on the lawn.
  • Weigh less than 225 lbs.
  • I’m continuing on my Android app.
  • While I haven’t applied to any boards and commissions at my local government, I am researching on a run for councilmember next year.

The first three financial ones are pretty easy since they’re automatic.

I’ve expanded the French drain system I installed earlier this year. I’ve been buying a lot of dirt from Lowe’s, as well as grass seed, trying to clean up and level the back yard.

Not only have I been keeping track of what I’m eating (mostly focusing on calories), I’ve started walking/running three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) - plus I pick up some trash at the park on my final lap:

I’ve semi-published the app to the Android store; right now it’s in an “alpha” development stage. It’s got a few more tweaks needed and then I think it’ll be ready.

Well, that’s it for now. How’s your year going? How has the pandemic affected you?

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  • Great job on your goals so far this year! I had no idea Sam’s has cholesterol checks. May have to take advantage once the pandemic lets up. I’ve also wanted to get more involved in volunteering at church but hard when the doors are closed. Best wishes to you the rest of 2020!

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