A Eulogy for Princess

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RIP Princess - October 25, 2007 to April 4, 2022

You were the runt of your pack. But that’s why I chose you.

You used to be afraid of every parked car on walks, but walks became one of your favorite things.

You chewed up so many things. Things you were supposed to, and things you weren’t.

You were with me through so many things. Two homes. Three cars - four if you count the van. A bad relationship. The death of my grandparents. The time I had no food and lost like twenty pounds. The first hike with my now-wife. The birth of my two kids. Loneliness and joy.

I remember the few road trips we took down to see my parents in Kentucky.

There were the two times you ran off and I was scared I would never see you again. Once when you escaped my backyard - thankfully someone responded to a Craigslist post I made - and once when me and my wife went hiking. But you came back.

You ended up loving my wife as much as I love her. I remember the car rides to and from her house before we got married. I remember the time you were so excited to see a squirrel in her back yard you ran straight through the glass sliding back door.

There was the winter backpacking trip we took with my wife and her cousins. We bought you your own backpack so you could carry some things. After the first day, you seemed to think that this was what life was going to be like from here on out - but the trip ended, you got your rest, and we ended back home.

We included you in our engagement photos and wedding photos. Including your new pup-brother Niko.

You accepted your new human siblings, even if you acted indifferent to them. Although you certainly liked cleaning up after they had meals.

You loved swimming. But when you first had the opportunity to swim - a canoe trip - I was so afraid for your safety I bought you a doggy life jacket. We took you took a couple of doggy swims at a local pool at the end of summer.

I liked taking you to dogs parks and going on hikes with you. I wish I could have taken you on more.

You had three favorite times of day - breakfast, afternoon walks, and bedtime. You liked staring out the sliding glass back door and barking at any squirrels. You followed my wife around even if she only got up to go to the bathroom.

I love you so much, Princess. You have been the one constant in my life these past fourteen years and I will always miss you.

Princess was my dog that I had for over 14 years. She got cancer and I had to put her down a week ago.

I got her when I was 23; I’m now 38.

I originally posted this on my personal Facebook page.

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