A Simple Car Logo Quiz PDF for My Wife's MOPs Group

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Last night my wife asked me to edit some random PDF that has bunch of car logos on it. It seems she wanted to make a car logo quiz for her MOPS group.

Any quiz she was able to find online simply had too many cars that would be foreign to anyone in the group. Foreign both figuratively and literally. It’s likely that many of the group wouldn’t even of heard of, say, Rolls-Royce, let alone know what the logo is.

I told her instead of editing a pre-existing PDF, I’d just make her a new one.

So I came up with six car logos that match the following criteria:

  • Only US-based car logos. So no Peugeot or Renault.
  • The logo had to be simple enough to print in two-tone - that is, black & white. So no Porsche.
  • The logo can’t include the name of the car. So no Ford.

Each car logo I got from Wikipedia/Wikimedia. I did have to edit out the name on a few of them.

Here’s the PDF in all it’s glory:

And here are the answers if you need them (they’re hidden by default):

  • Mazda
  • Infiniti
  • Mitsubishi
  • Saturn
  • Honda
  • Pontiac
  • Lincoln
  • Acura
  • Tesla
  • Kia
  • Toyota

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