April 2023 Book Reading List

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April was a busy month for me - I was still able to get plenty of reading in both for me and my kids.

May will be a bit slower.

So, last month in April I was able to read 19 difference books to my son and 18 different books to my daughter.

I read three different books for myself.

Books I Read to My Children

Books I Read to My Son

Here are the 19 books I read to my son:

Books I Read to My Daughter

And here are the 18 books I read to my daughter:

The Books I Read for Me

I continued with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books series and read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and Life, the Universe and Everything.

In between the two (because I go back and forth between fiction and non-fiction) I read The Mythical Man Month. This book is the source of the phrase (or at least it has in it) “nine women can’t make one baby in one month.” The key idea being that adding people to a project doesn’t necessarily make the project complete faster - and in fact may make the project finish later.

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