Android Virtual Device Download Problems in IntelliJ

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I’ve been wanting to play around making Android apps for awhile now. Though difficult, I was able to setup things using Maven and IntelliJ. Almost everything was working - I could even build an APK and install it on my phone - but when I tried to run it on my computer via an Android Virtual Device, I needed to download some components via IntelliJ. Unfortunately, I received the following error:

Failed to read or create install properties file.

This is the window where the error appeared. This is the window where the error appeared. I failed to screenshot the actual error, however.

Apparently, I had an old install of Android Studio and the Android SDK on my computer. It was probably overkill, but I uninstalled Android Studio and deleted every Android folder I could find (there was one in C:\Program Files, one in C:\Program Files (x86), and one in C:\Users\me\AppData\Local), then reinstalled Android Studio.

From there I had to reconfigure the Android SDK in IntelliJ. When I went to download the Android Virtual Device components again, it worked with no problems.

This answer on stack overflow led me to my solution.

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