December 2020 Book Reading List

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I don’t have too much time today, so I’m going to be quick with this month’s book reading list. I will say that this is the end of my third year posting these monthly book reading lists.

My first was in January 2018, and I’ve only missed February 2018 so far.

Books I Read to My Children

Books I Read to My Son

I read five Sesame Street Friends books to him:

I also read five “block books” to him (I couldn’t find them all on the Internet, however):

Finally, I read 35 different “regular” books to him (some multiple times, especially Green Eggs and Ham):

Books I Read to My Daughter

I read two block books to my daughter:

  • Belle (ISBN 0785374922)
  • Mulan

I also read her a personalized storybook she got for her birthday:

  • Goodnight Little Wendy

Finally, I read 18 other books to her as well:

The Book I Read for Me

In finished book three of the Cluster Series by Piers Anthony. Book three is called “Kirlian Quest.”

I’ve said it in the last two book reading tests: I borrowed the series for free via free Prime Reading.

I’m continuing to read the textbook on local government I bought. I finished chapter 11 last night. I aim to read a chapter a night - since there are 18 total chapters, I should finish the book in seven days - one week.

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