First Week of Spring Quarter 2011

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Yep. Spring Break’s been over for about a week now. Don’t know if I’ll be able to post much. I might be able to post some projects that I’m working on in various classes. So what classes am I taking? Well, my schedule pretty much looks like this:

WSU logo This is where I go to school. It’s local.

All classes are Tuesday/Thursday:

  • Dynamics
  • Technical Communication
  • Visual Basic (Easy! It’s a GPA-booster. Hell, I’m making this post from here.)
  • Social Implications of Computing (a computer ethics writing class)
  • Software Engineering

That’s 18 credit hours of pure fun. Oh, I found some cheap textbooks through Google Product search. Paid less than half for my books :)

On top of these classes, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have both my internship (which pays decently) and I teach a computer lab at school. Yep, I’ll be busy. :)

Until next time


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