Here's What Happened When I Started Sharing My Facebook Page's Content to Facebook Groups

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Mostly for fun, I run a Facebook Page called Puppy Snuggles - which is the page for my dog blog of the same name. But just because I run it for fun, doesn’t mean I don’t want page likes.

I’ve experimented a bit with boosting Facebook posts and have had some success with that - it seems the key is to target your audience - but I wanted to try something free.

So, a little less than a month ago, I decided I might try sharing some of my page’s dog content onto dog groups - specifically, dog groups I do not own.

Most of the content I post on the Puppy Snuggles Facebook page is shares of dog-related content from other pages. I can’t share those posts to groups and have it attributed to Puppy Snuggles - it will just look as if I shared it to the group directly from the original page.

I do, however, have a decent amount of dog photos and memes that are stored directly on my page. I decided to share some of those photos.

Keep in mind, I don’t want to spam these dog groups - I want to share engaging content. No t-shirt spam.

So, for the past month, almost daily, sometimes more than once a day, I’ll find a cute picture stored on the photo section of my page, and share it to some dog groups I’m a part of.

How do I know that the members of the groups do not already “like” my page? Well, my page has 731 likes as I write this. Some of the groups have tens of thousands of members. Thanks to the Pigeonhole Principle, I know that they can’t all like my page already!

So What Has Happened With My Page This Past Month?

I’ve gone from 717 likes on October 11, 2019, to 731 likes today, November 11, 2019. That’s a net increase of 14 likes.

To compare, I only had 717 likes on September 11, 2019. That’s right - a net change of zero likes in the prior month.

Net Likes Graph Net Likes Graph

My post reach has exploded:

Post Reach Graph Post Reach Graph

And my total views has improved:

Total Views Graph Total Views Graph

In case anyone is wondering where people liked my page from:

Like Sources Table Like Sources Table

And where people unliked my page from:

Unlike Sources Table Unlike Sources Table


Is sharing to groups worth a net increase of 14 likes?

Probably not for most people - there’s probably more effective ways to get Facebook likes for your page.

Is it worth it just for the fun factor?


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