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At the start of the quarter, I found out that instead of charging by the credit hour, my school charges the same rate for twelve to eighteen credit hours. Since I was only taking fourteen credit hours, I decided to take a hiking class. I know, I know, hiking in winter? Yes, it was cold. But I met a few people, had fun, and got some exercise.

It was only the first two weekends of school, so it’s over already. Day one we just had class (very boring) and found out where we would be hiking. So… that means day two we hiked at Sugarcreek Metropark, day three at Germantown Metropark, and day four at John Bryan State Park. I brought my camera for all three hikes, but was too lazy to get it out except for the last one. I took three pictures then fell and broke my camera :(.

Oh well. Here’s the pics:

Pic the first:
John Bryan 1

Pic the second:
John Bryan 2

Pic the third:
John Bryan 3

Oh, and the pictures aren’t from June 2079 where global warming has forced snow in the Ohio summer. My camera just thought that was the date, that’s all (another case of me being too lazy to change it :P)

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