McDonald's Happy Meal Lawsuit

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From NACS Online:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Monet Parham needs help saying no to her two children and she’s asking the courts for assistance, the Washington Post reports. Parham filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s asking the fast-food chain to cease marketing toys to kids.

Ok, I’m not a parent, so maybe I have should have no say in this, but is it really that difficult to say “no” to your children? Do you really need the government’s help?

I also like this comment from another article:

If a parent is unable to tell their kids “no” to a simple Happy Meal, then the kids apparently are the ones who set the rules in the house. There are choices with the Happy Meal, apples and milk instead of the fries and soda, if you just can’t say no. Don’t sue the company because of your inability to handle your children-the kids aren’t the ones paying for the food.

Two other sources:


What do you think?

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  • Here I am, ten years later, re-reading what I wrote ten years ago.

    Today, I have two kids: a one-year-old daughter and an almost three-year-old son. Is it hard to say no to them? Absolutely! Do I occasionally say no to them? Yes, I will often tell them no.


    • No TV.
    • No more TV.
    • Eat this before you can have that.

    We’ll see what the next 10 years brings, however.

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