How I Thwarted Hackers from Getting into my Craigslist Account

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Hackers are at it again, this time trying to get access to my Craigslist account. Unlike last time where I fell for it and my AOL email was compromised, I realized it was a phishing attempt.

So what happened? Well, recently I’ve been reselling items mostly on eBay, but also Craigslist. On Craigslist people contact me via text, phone call, or email.

This morning I received the following text message:

You have a new Craigslist message, to view it please use:

The link was a little different, but it did have the word “craigslist” in the URL. “craigslist” was in the part you’d normally see the “www” - an obvious red flag.

I’m a curious fellow, and I did one thing I shouldn’t have: I clicked the link. I highly suggest if you ever get a phishing text or email with a link - don’t click it! This allows the phisher to track that they sent the text or email to a valid phone number or email.

Anyway, as I expected, it brought me to what appeared to be the Craigslist login page:

Fake Craiglist login page

I was still curious, but not so stupid as to put my actual login information. I wanted to see what happened when I put in a username and password, so I tried a fake username and password:

Fake Craiglist login page with dummy data

Nothing happened when I clicked “Log in.” I’m sure the data got sent somewhere, but nothing happened with the UI. The real Craiglist page would’ve said:

Your email address, handle or password is incorrect. Please try again.

That’s that. Nothing too exciting, except that I shouldn’t have clicked on the link. I just wanted to let people know what it looked like!

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