January 2024 Book Reading List

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January 2024 is in the books.

Speaking of books, it’s time for my monthly book reading list.

As my son - who’ll be six soon - reads more and more, I read to him less and less. My wife has him read to himself for 15 minutes every night. He likes to set the timer on my watch and wear it while he reads for those fifteen month.

I only read seven different books to him.

On the other hand, I read 22 different books to my daughter.

For me, I was only able to finish one book.

Books I Read to My Children

Books I Read to My Son

Here are the 7 books I read to my son:

Books I Read to My Daughter

Here are the 22 books I read to my daughter:

The Books I Read for Me

I read The Oppenheimer Alternative by Robert J. Sawyer.

I nearly finished the next book in January - I finished it on February 1st. You’ll just have to wait until next month to find out what it was!

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