Labor Day Themed Table Topics

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Tonight I am the Table Topics master for my local Toastmasters meeting. This means I need to come up with a few questions or topics that people can respond with a short one or two-minute impromptu speech. Yesterday was Labor Day, so I figured I should theme the questions around that holiday.

Many of the Labor Day table topics I came across on the Internet were at least somewhat political or controversial. While controversy can make for some great discussions, I wanted some table topic questions that could spur the one to two minutes of talk without contention.

I came up with a list of ten Labor Day themed table topics that are hopefully not too contentious. As always, feel free to use them at your own Toastmasters meeting or any other place where such questions would be appropriate.

Labor Day Themed Table Topics

  1. What would life be like if no one had to work?

  2. If you could choose any career other than the one you are/were in, what career would you choose and why?

  3. Is a 40-hour work week too much, too little, or just right? Why?

  4. How long, in days or hours, would an ideal work week be? Why?

  5. What is the best place to retire?

  6. What is the ideal time or age to retire from the workforce?

  7. If you won a million dollars, would you show up to work the next day?

  8. If you won a million dollars, who would you tell? Who would you NOT tell?

  9. What was your first job and what was it like?

  10. What was the best (or worst) job you’ve ever had?

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