Christmas and New Year's Themed Table Topics

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Once again I was table topics master at my local Toastmasters meeting. Being that it is the Christmas and New Year season, I felt it was appropriate to theme my table topics around these two holidays.

My aim for these table topic questions, in addition to being about Christmas or New Year’s, was to avoid yes/no questions (e.g. “Do you make New Year’s resolutions?”) and instead ask more open-ended questions (without simply adding the lazy “why or why not” as so many yes/no questions do).

Now, without further ado, here are the ten Christmas and New Year’s themed table topics I came up with:

Christmas and New Year’s Themed Table Topics

  1. What do you want for Christmas?

  2. Bad children get coal for Christmas from Santa. What are some other items he could put in there as well?

  3. What was your favorite Christmas gift you received as a child?

  4. What is something you could do to help someone this Christmas?

  5. What is your favorite holiday dessert?

  6. Tell us about a holiday tradition your family had when you were a child.

  7. What do you want to accomplish in the New Year?

  8. What is a New Year’s resolution that you make every year?

  9. Tell us about a New Year’s resolution that made a difference in your life, or one that you were able to keep.

  10. What was the shortest time it took you to break a New Year’s resolution? What was that resolution?

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