My Top 10 Tweets For April 2017

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These are the top ten tweets I made (not retweets) based on Twitter’s analytics page.

1. 1,187 impressions and 10 engagements

I never got far in Pokémon Go…

2. 1,026 impressions and 14 engagements

Shameless blog promotion.

3. 552 impressions and 6 engagements

I didn’t win, but this tweet did get a like from Felicia!

4. 284 impressions and 6 engagements

Selling t-shirts on Amazon for fun & profit.

5. 236 impressions and 2 engagements

More self-promotion

6. 230 impressions and 3 engagements

Yet another Amazon shirt.

7. 228 impressions and 2 engagements

Okay, too many shirts?

8. 213 impressions and 2 engagements

Another older blog post.

9. 208 impressions and 3 engagements

Another shirt? Maybe too much. I mean, none of them have sold…

10. 204 impressions and 1 engagement

Okay, this one is different. I just shared this for nostalgia reasons.

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