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I’ve been pretty successful selling t-shirts on Amazon these past few months. I normally only sell one, maybe two shirts per order, but one particular order caught my eye. I sold eight of these Euler’s constant t-shirts on January 15th. Cool, easy money. When February 7th rolled around, Wikipedia shared on their Facebook page that it was Euler’s Constant Day.

Euler's Constant T-Shirt Euler’s Constant T-Shirt

So it made sense - someone bought a bunch of these t-shirts to celebrate “e day.” It was probably a teacher or a school that bought them. That made me wonder - what other nerdy, pun-based holidays could I capitalize one? Pi day is an obvious one, and I already have a similar Pi shirt out there.

I wanted to create a list of these type of nerdy holidays, so I did a Google search for nerdy holidays and filtered out any holidays that did not directly involve the date in the holiday, such as First Contact Day on April 5th or Marty McFly Day on October 21st. I also didn’t include dates that involve trademarks, such as Star Wars Day on May 4th.

Here’s the list that I came up with:

date holiday
February 7 e Day, Euler’s constant day
March 14 Pi Day
June 18 Golden Ratio Day / Phi Day
June 28 Tau Day (Tau = 2Pi)
July 22 Pi Day 2
October 23 Mole Day
November 23 Fibonacci Day

I just created a shirt for Phi Day. I could also easily make one for Tau day as well, but I need enough digits to make the design.

Do you see any days I missed?

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    prof prem raj pushpakaran writes – let us celebrate eDay (Euler’s number or Napier’s constant) on February 7 !!!!

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