Setting my Fitness Goals

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Sometime back in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, I turned to my wife and asked her “what would you do if I said I wanted to start running?”

And now, almost two years later, I run four miles nearly five times a week. I’ve bought a pair of running shoes. I’ve lost over forty pounds. And my goals? Well, they keep changing.

It’s more “updating” then moving goalposts. In fact - the overarching goal remains the same: be healthy for my kids. I want to be able to keep up with them.

But be healthy for my kids - while a worthy goal - is not measurable. A few goals I’ve set (and made) include:

  • reach 20% body fat (at least according to my scale)
  • remain under 225 lbs (I’m now around 208 lbs)
  • Run a 5k (I’ve ran six this year - and even one 10k!)
  • daily run to a 5-minute walk, 40-minute run, 5-minute walk (I only did this once - but I did it!)
  • continue strength training

So what should I look to do next?

I did something that probably shouldn’t be done - I searched “ideal male body measurements” online.

Top half of Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo’s David I am not.

Keeping in mind that these numbers might not be realistist, I came across the following numbers for a “perfect male body”:

  • Waist - 45% to 47% of height
  • Shoulders - 1.618 times waist
  • Arms - same as neck
  • Chest - 10 to 12 inches greater than waist

Since I’m 6’4” - or 76 inches - that puts my “perfect” measurements at:

  • Waist - 34.2 to 35.7 inches
  • Shoulders - 55.3 to 57.8 inches
  • Chest - 44.2 inches to 47.7 inches

Rounding the numbers and selecting an easier-to-reach point and I get:

  • Waist - 36 inches
  • Chest - 44 inches
  • Shoulder - 55 inches
  • Arm - same as neck

Where am I Now?

Here are the measurements I took on a few days ago on October the 23rd:

  • Waist - 39 inches
  • Hip - 38 inches
  • Chest - 39 inches
  • Neck - 16 inches
  • Right bicep - 13.5 inches
  • Right thigh - 23 inches
  • Calf - 17 inches

Obviously that’s more measurements than in the goals, and it’s also missing the “shoulders” measurement. But this is giving me a direction to go to.

What fitness goals do you set for yourself? Do my goals make sense? Comment below!

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