Start of Spring Break 2011

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Technically Spring Break actually starts next week, but I’m pretty much done with school. I only had two exams - one was on Monday, the other was a take-home I did over the weekend. All I have left is to finish a paper for my Women’s Studies class. That’s the last gen-ed class I have to take.

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Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a bunch this next week and a half. I won’t be going anywhere since I don’t have any money (I have about $20 that has to last until the end of next week), plus I’ll be busy with my internship anyways.

So what will I post about? I’ve got some ideas on religion, politics, maybe some computer stuff. Might even create and update on my portfolio. We’ll see.

I guess I’ll finish with a question… What are you doing for Spring Break, if anything?

Until next time


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