Snakebot Gets Under Your Skin

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Yeah, this isn’t one of those awesome religion or political posts I promised yesterday, but at least it’s something…

American Engineers have built a robotic snake that could change the way heart surgery is performed.

CardioArm can assist surgeon’s procedures, slithering into places in the body too tight or dangerous for ordinary medical tools to enter.

Though it’s hardly comfortable, Snakebot is revolutionizing the way heart surgery is performed, mitigating the need for open heart surgery.

Rather than having to crack open patients’ ribcage during heart surgery, this slippery little sucker buries itself deep inside your chest via a 2cm hole in your solar plexus and slithers around your organs.

The inventors of CardioArm say this technology has the potential to minimize the time it takes for patients to recover from heart surgery.

Dr. Howie Chosets from the University of Cargenie Mellon in Pennsylvania told Discover magazine: “Instead of cracking open a person’s chest we can do a surgery and send patients home the next day.”


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