The 2023 Columbus Cybersecurity Conference

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Back in 2019, I attended the 2019 Cincinnati Cybersecurity Conference by Data Connectors.

Data Connectors logo The Data Connectors logo

Since then, it’s rolled around a few times.

In 2020, it was virtual; I attended, but it wasn’t as good as in-person.

It was also virtual in 2021. I didn’t attend that one.

In 2022, it was back to being in-person. I wasn’t able to attend.

But last week it was held in Columbus, Ohio, and I was able to attend.

Data Connectors logo A card that was on each table showing the various midwest Cybersecurity Conferences A card that was on each table showing the various midwest Cybersecurity Conferences

So how did it go?

I felt like the one I attended back in 2019 was better. But it’s not like this one was bad.

I only talked with vendors. There was a social hour afterwards where I could’ve talked with more people, but I needed to head home to take care of my kids.

Lunch was good - the protein was a choice between chicken or salmon - I, of course, chose a little of both.

Swag was good, although no Yubikey this time. I got a couple of t-shirts, a few socks (why socks?), plenty of pens, and a notebook.

The best, other than the notebook, were power banks. I got two.

Oh - and a signed copy of a hardcover edition of No Safe Harbor: The Inside Truth About Cybercrime by Mark Sangster. I didn’t really care about getting it signed; I just wanted the free book (sorry, Mark).

Oh, and I got my bald head on Twitter - I’m on the bottom right in the maroon sweater:

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