What Are the Best Ways to Make Money As a Teenager?

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What are the best ways to make money as a teenager?

First, I’m going to assume three things:

  • Teenagers are young, and thus can’t get a “traditional” job do to legal restrictions.
  • Teenagers have little to no money, so any type of investment is out of the picture (no stock options, real estate, or even savings account interest).
  • Teenagers have ample time.

So, you can’t get a normal job, you have no money, but you have a lot of time?

What can you do to make money?

Summertime? Mow lawns!

Of course this does require an upfront investment of owing a lawn mower and the gas to fuel it, but if you entrepreneurial enough, you can borrow someone’s, such as your parents, or someone else’s, perhaps in return for mowing their lawn.

Mow lawns.

Wintertime? Shovel snow from driveways!

Again, you need something upfront… A snow shovel. Snow shovels tend to be cheaper than lawn mowers, though.

Shovel snow.

School time? Tutor!

Especially if you’re really good in a particular subject, you could find someone who isn’t, and be compensated for helping them.


And of course, there’s the classic teenager job: babysitting!

Get paid to watch someone’s children. In fact, you could even get paid to watch someone your own age if that person has some sort of disability or condition that prevents them from taking full care of themselves.


I also wrote about 5 Ways to Make Extra Cash with No Upfront Investment, but while a teenager could potentially do some of the items in that article (they’re all online stuff) you might need to do it underneath a parent’s account. Unless you’re 18 or 19, which is technically a teenager but also a legal adult in most jurisdictions.

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