4th of July Independence Day Themed Table Topics

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Last Tuesday I was Table Topics master at my local Toastmasters meeting, which means I had to choose questions or topics that the other members had to give a one to two-minute speech. Being that the 4th of July, Independence Day here in the United States, is approaching, I decided to theme my questions about that holiday in particular.

Table Topics are meant to be short, impromptu speeches, meaning that the speaker has little or no time to prepare. Job interviews are often considered, at least in the Toastmaster world, to be a form of table topics.

I came up with ten different 4th of July Independence Day table topics but ended up only using three of them due to time constraints. Feel free to use them at your own Toastmaster meeting, or any other situation that calls for short, impromptu speeches.

4th of July Independence Day Themed Table Topics

  1. What would the United States be like today if we had never declared independence?

  2. What is the most mischievous thing you have done for or on Independence Day?

  3. What is your favorite (or least favorite) part of the Independence Day holiday?

  4. If you could choose Independence Day to be on any day other than July 4th, what day would you choose and why?

  5. Tell us your favorite memory involving Independence Day.

  6. If you were to replace fireworks with something else to celebrate Independence Day, what would you replace them with, and why?

  7. What is a family tradition you have or had surrounding Independence Day?

  8. What is different (or the same) between celebrating Independence Day today versus when you were growing up?

  9. If you were in another country on the 4th of July, how would you celebrate Independence Day, if at all?

  10. If you could change the colors of the United State flag, what colors would you choose, and why?

Fourth of July fireworks behind the Washington Monument, 1986 image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fourth_of_July_fireworks_behind_the_Washington_Monument,_1986.jpg

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  • avatar for Michael S Miller Michael S Miller

    These are such great questions. I love the variety and how they can be tailored to different personalities

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  • avatar for Julia Shonka Julia Shonka

    Thank you! I used some of these at our Toastmasters meeting today and everyone really enjoyed them.

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  • avatar for Charlene Buckberg Charlene Buckberg

    This was very helpful as i Googled this topic and your Blog came up, this is just want I needed for my club as Table Topic Master. Thank you for your post

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  • avatar for Lori lawson Lori lawson

    I have also come up with questions around personal freedoms. A time in you life you wished you had more personal freedom, a person in history whose freedom was compromised or taken away and you could grant them freedom, what does freedom mean to you in a marriage or interpersonal relationship

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