April 2020 Book Reading List

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Chugging along in this pandemic apocalypse, reading book after book.

Books I Read to My Children

A lot of times when I’m reading something to my daughter, my now two-year son just has to come to be read to, as well.

I don’t mind. I actually like it!

Me reading to both kids. Me reading to both kids.

Books I Read to My Son

I read fifteen books to my son:

Books I Read to My Daughter

And ten books to my daughter:

The Book I Read for Me

What I read (& finished) in April was The Reckoning: A Time Travel Thriller.

I have a couple of thoughts on this book.

First, I could tell that interpersonal communication was written from a women’s perspective. For instance, the characters understood each other without directly being told - e.g. just by a facial expression. This isn’t a bad thing - in fact, it’s a good thing - and was quite interesting to read. If anything, it’s an argument to read from a variety of authors.

The other thought I had is it seemed to end rather abruptly. Not quite a deus ex machina ending - but everything is quickly resolved. I don’t want to say exactly what happens, because, you know, spoilers.

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