December 2023 Book Reading List

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2023 is over. This post will mark the 71st regular monthly book reading post - the first one from January 2018.

Which is amazing since that’s before my son was born. And I’ve had a daughter since then, too.

So last month, in December, I read 10 different books to my son and 24 different books to my daughter.

I was only able to finish one book for me.

Books I Read to My Children

Books I Read to My Son

Here are the 10 books I read to my son:

Books I Read to My Daughter

Here are the 24 books I read to my daughter:

The Books I Read for Me

Wanting to understand health better, I read Good Calories, Bad Calories by by Gary Taubes. It was a bit more history than health than I expected, however.

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