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If you’re a regular reader of this blog (as if I have regular readers), you’ll notice that my last post was over two weeks ago. That’s because I’ve been dealing with a brand new family member. Yep, my wife gave birth to our first-born son.

The Little Guy The Little Guy

He’s been great, and I’ll probably make some posts in the future about the experience. I’ve been keeping a close eye on my expenses and my insurance. For instance, two weeks after the big day the hospital bill is still “pending” on the insurance website. Every claim for my son made before I submitted him to be on my insurance has been denied (including a $10,000 hospital claim!) but I called the insurance and they said they would reprocess the claim. I’ve yet to buy diapers for full price, using coupons. Well, except for the box I bought using a Toy’s R Us gift card, but that card was about to become worthless.

I’ve had to temporarily put off working on the master bathroom. I’ve spent most of my time away from the baby focused on homework and projects for my master’s degree. My wife and I missed one Sunday of church (Easter of all Sundays!) and one meeting of Toastmasters. Thankfully, my job provides two weeks paid parental leave, so I have been able to focus on taking care of my wife and son.

I’m slowing getting back into the blogosphere. I began posting comments on other people’s blogs maybe a week before this post. I never stopped interacting with social media, even in the hospital. I need to log back into a few of the forums I use to see what’s been going on.

So that’s what’s been happening. As I said, expect parenting / daddy posts in the future! And my monthly book reading lists will start including children’s books!

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  • Hi Joe,

    Congratulation on your new baby boy, he is a trust - a blessing from God, and that’s what matters most.

    As for the insurance issues and stuff, things will definitely fall into place.

    I just read your comment on Janice Wald’s blog , so I followed you here to find out more about you.

    Once again, congrats!

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  • avatar for Kayla Sloan Kayla Sloan

    Congratulations on your new family member! I hope all are doing well - he looks so sweet in this photo and nice and healthy!

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  • Awww I’m a bit late in this! I’m so sorry!

    Congratulations on the new family member! Sooo cute! He’s sleeping so peacefully!! ❤️

    You sound like you’re superrr busy but looks like you’re doing a great job at balancing your life. This is really awesome news!

    I wish you and your family the best!!!

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