February 2020 Book Reading List

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February was a heck of a month reading-wise.

My son continues enjoying being read to - and looking at books himself, as well. We started taking him to Mother Goose on the Loose at the library on Saturday mornings. It’s basically a few nursery rhymes along with a story. He absolutely loves it - the smile on his face is worth the half hour it lasts.

A number of the books I’ll mention below came from the library. My son likes Sesame Street - especially Elmo - and animals right now.

My daughter just turned two months. I try to read to her, and often when I do it’s a children’s book that happens to be in arms reach while I’m holding her. She doesn’t like to be set down - she much prefers to be held.

A few times when I start reading to my daughter, my son wants to join in. That’s why you see below that I read Baby! Talk! to both my son a daughter - I read it to them at the same time.

Books I Read to My Son

I read fourteen different books to my son:

Books I Read to My Daughter

I read five different books to my daughter:

The Books I Read for Me

I finished the last chapter (or is it tale?) in the book I was reading - Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street. The last tale - called “In Defense of Sterling” - was about how the world banks rallied to keep the British Pound from losing value. This story took place sometime in the 60s - the decade before the decimalisation of the pound sterling.

My initial plan was to alternate between fiction and nonfiction books. However, the past few books I’ve read were straight-up nonfiction, so I decided I needed to read a few fiction books to keep up.

The books I read were Screen by Aarti Patel and Caught in Time by Howard Berenbon.

I won’t go into too much detail about what each book is about (click on their links and visit the Amazon site to read their description) but I will say both are science-fiction books. Screen is more a dystopian type, whereas Caught in Time is a time-travel book.

Both books were self-published via Amazon. Both could have used a bit of proofreading. Both had an amateurish feel to their writing style.

Yet both were quite entertaining.

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