I Published My First "Low Content" KDP Book - A Sudoku Puzzle Book

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Ok, ok, so most “low content” print-on-demand books are notebooks that are 90% blank, and puzzle books aren’t quite that blank.

But I did it. I published a puzzle book on Amazon. A Sudoku Puzzle book.

Not sure how search-engine-friendly the title is. Or even if the description is any good.

But I named the book 100 Sudoku Puzzles: 25 Easy · 25 Medium · 25 Hard · 25 Very Hard with Solutions Included.

The Sudoku Book Cover

Sudoku is more a pattern game than a numbers game. You take nine different characters (which, just happen to be the digits one through nine) and make sure you can fill a 9x9 grid without repeating them in a row, column, diagonal, or one of the 3x3 sub-blocks:

Sudoku Example Puzzle Sudoku Example Puzzle

Making the Sudoku Book

I only needed two pieces of software to make the book.

For the contents of the Sudoku book, I used Microsoft Word. I used more aspects of Word than I’ve ever used before - from formating (such as section breaks) and even some VBA scripts to help apply the same format to all the books. A whoever decided to make the “print-to-PDF” option is a pure genius since KDP prefers PDF.

For the cover of the Sudoku book,, I used Inkscape. Inkscape allows you to save as PDF - which wasn’t in the most intuitive spot, but it worked once I found it.

Some Takeaways from Making the Sudoku Book

I have the darnedest time spelling Sudoku right. I get the consonants right, but I keep typing all U’s or all O’s. Suduku, sodoko, heck, sometimes even sodoku.

Also, since this is the third book I’ve published on Amazon’s platform (the other two are just ebooks), I made an Amazon author page. Amazon let me hood up the RSS feeds for my blogs (just this one and my dog blog), which will (hopefully!) get me some valid backlinks on Amazon.

I did buy an “author copy” to check the formatting. And when I shared my Sudoku book on Facebook, someone bought it! (Thanks mom!)

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  • Back when I published this post, I listed my book for $10.

    Nobody’s bought the book since then, so I’ve lowered the price to $6, which is pretty much the lowest price Amazon would let me list it (I could’ve listed for $5 and some change, but then I’d make no commission on it).

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