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If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I publish monthly book reading lists. While the format has changed slightly since my first book reading list in January of 2018, and I didn’t publish one the following month, the posts have been a regular part of this blog for almost three years now.

Initially, I linked the books to Amazon using my affiliate link. But then, in February of 2019, Amazon shut down my associate account. Which sucked, but at the time I wasn’t making a ton from Amazon.

Amazon did eventually reinstate my account but in the meantime, I changed every link to a book I could from Amazon to another site called AbeBooks. To monetize my links to AbeBooks I used a service called VigLink (which is now called Sovrn//Commerce).

VigLink involved a JavaScript plugin. I never made any money with VigLink, so at some point, I decided to disable (i.e. remove) the plugin.

I never relinked any books to Amazon. I even continue to link books to AbeBooks wherever possible.

Eventually, I decided to pursue an affiliate relationship with AbeBooks, so a few weeks ago I signed up with their affiliate program and modified all prior AbeBooks links to be AbeBooks affiliate links.

I also updated my privacy policy accordingly.

And I also have an image that I’ll be throwing into the sidebar:

AbeBooks.com. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

So far, I haven’t made any money with my AbeBooks affiliate. I probably won’t for a while.

But I might - who knows?

Full disclosure: Amazon bought AbeBooks back in 2008.

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