January 2018 Blog Statistics

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Although I mostly blog for myself, I’m curious as to how well my blog performs. So every month on the 20th this year I want to post a simple blog status report. These reports will include statistics for the previous month: from the 20th to the 19th. For instance, this blog report covers the time period of December 20, 2017, through January 19, 2017.

Tools & Measures

Two of the tools I use are from Google. Namely, these are Google Analytics and Adsense. I will also use Amazon’s Alexa rankings (completely unrelated to the voice assistant Alexa).


  • Global Rank → 2,476,245
  • Rank in the United States → 452,281
  • Total Sites Linking In → 80

Google Analytics

  • Sessions → 1,356
  • Users → 970
  • Pageviews → 1,989


  • Estimated earnings → $1.84
  • Impressions → 1,174
  • Clicks → 1


  • Earnings / 1,000 sessions = $1.84 / 1.356 = $1.37
  • Earnings / 1,000 pageviews = $1.84 / 1.989 = $0.93
  • Earnings / 1,000 impressions = $1.84 / 1.174 = $1.57
  • Earnings / day = $1.84 / 31 = $0.06
  • Sessions / day = 1356 / 31 = 43.7
  • Pageviews / day = 1,989 / 31 = 64.2
  • Impressions / day = 1,174 / 31 = 37.9


Nothing too exciting. What will be interesting is to see the change next month. Maybe at the end of the year on December 20th and I can make a cool little graph.

Do you use these tools? What other tools do you use to measure blog performance?

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  • Hey Joe - thanks for the recap.

    The tools you mentioned here appear to be useful. I’m just using Google Analytics and WordPress at the moment , but I need to get more involved with the other tools and marketing / promoting aspects.

    Thanks again for the post. - Mike

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  • I’ve installed analytics and I also use Adsense as an indicator. Alexa was mentioned to me and I’ve used it a couple of times. But I think I’m going to start ignoring my traffic stats for now bc I find that it can be distracting to me haha! I’m just going to blog at my pace and learn what I can. I don’t want to feel discouraged from seeing odd swings in my traffic >.<

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  • Thanks for the links Joe, so far I only used Jetpack and Google analytics (and still don’t understand how to read most of the info on the latest!) I will check out adsense and Alexa. But I do find it gets me sidetracked when I check numbers too much. Cheers

    • Jetpack is a WordPress thing, right? This blog isn’t WordPress, so I don’t know much about any plugins. And I, too, don’t understand much of what Google Analytics offers. I’m thinking of taking one of Google’s free courses on the subject later this year.

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  • avatar for Kayla Sloan Kayla Sloan

    Interesting. I like to be transparent too, just in a different way. In the past I have shared my monthly income to inspire others and show that you can make money through freelancing and virtual assistant work. As your site grows and you share this info it may inspire others as well.

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  • avatar for Jaye Jaye

    I don’t think I’ve used those tools, or if I have I don’t know it.

    I love the transparency!

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  • avatar for Mandy Mills Mandy Mills

    I looked into Alexa, and it seems like a very useful tool. The price seems quite high though and there isn’t a free version? Do you think it is worth the cost?

    • I don’t pay anything for Alexa, and I wouldn’t suggest it. Just plug in any website url into it’s siteinfo page and it will let you know some basic info.

      For instance, if I plug in your site (https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/howtobrain.com) it shows me your global rank is 8,867,792 as of this comment. That means your site is the 8,867,792nd most visited site in their system - although it is just an estimate. Supposedly that number is updated daily, but in my experience it takes longer.

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