January 2019 Book Reading List

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January brings in a brand new year, which means I’ll be reading brand new books… Or maybe I’ll be reading old books. In either case, they’ll be new to me.

I will also continue to read to my son - but those books won’t necessarily be new to him since I often reread the same books over and over. He’s not to the stage where he asks to be read to, but he’s still a ton of fun.

Books I Read to My Son

Since my son would much rather be on the floor exploring - or climbing up on things as he is learning to stand and walk - getting him to settle down and sit on my lap so I can read him a book can be challenging. I’ve found that the best time to read to him is while he’s on my lap when I’m feeding him a bottle. My wife likes to read to him after she feeds him while he’s still in his high chair. Both cases he’s a captive audience.

I’ve also simply finished reading a book to him after he crawls off of my lap. He may not be getting the benefit of looking at the letters, words, and pictures, but he’s at least getting the benefit of hearing me talk.

Apparently, I read quite a few different books to him in January. These books are:

Books I Read for Me

Last month I mentioned that I had discovered Prime Reading - a way to borrow and read books electronically for “free” if you’re an Amazon Prime Member.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can try Amazon Prime with a 30-Day free trial. There’s also Prime Discounted Monthly Offering if you qualify, as well as a Prime Student 6-month Trial if you have a .edu email address.

I finished one book via Prime Reading. Well, it was actually a comic book (ahem, Graphic Novel), but it was still reading. This graphic novel was Deadpool Vol. 1: Secret Invasion. A lot of fun.

Prime Reading also has magazines. I skimmed through the Writer’s Digest - January 1, 2019 issue. I found the Bloomberg Businessweek - December 17, 2018 issue more interesting with their cover image stating “Rhymes with Bitcoin.”

I also have continued to post quotes that I find appealing on my Twitter (and other social media) account:

Did you read any good (or bad!) books in January? What are you reading now?

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