Interesting Reads for the Week Ending June 11th

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Week three for my interesting reads.

Note there’s a small change this week. You probably didn’t even notice it (not that I have any readers) but it does affect the last two: I’m putting the year in the URL. That way if there’s ever another week ending on May 28th, June 4th, or June 11th, I won’t have a conflict of URLs.

The titles will stay the same, though.

The Rules

Here are the rules for what articles I choose to include in this weekly roundup:

  1. It can’t be anything I wrote.
  2. It has to be something I actually read. Nothing that simply had an interesting headline.
  3. I have to have read it since the previous post. It does not have to be something that was written in the past week.
  4. It has to be something I read online. In other words, it has to be a webpage with a URL.

The Reads

I am a cryptocurrency fan (although not so far as to be a shill). JL Collins, the author of The Simple Path to Wealth , is not. He does, however, allow occasionally pro-crypto guest posts on his blog, such as The Top 9 (Bad) Arguments Against Bitcoin. I liked this post because the author did admit there are good arguments against bitcoin, just not these nine.

Next up is Should Christians give cash to the homeless?. I’m Christian - Catholic, to be exact. (Well, to be exact I’m “raised, baptized, and confirmed in the Lutheran tradition, I am I Christian that is in Full Communion with the Roman Catholic Church.) I often see homeless beggers in the Dayton area, and am often conflicted as to what should I do?

I bought ten shares of Helios and Matheson Analytics stock back in June 2018. HMNY aka MoviePass. Needless to say, it’s worthless. I might get something back, though, because there’s a Helios and Matheson Analytics Securities class-action lawsuit going on - which I learned about via this reddit thread on /r/personalfinance

Back to the crypto world. Back in 2017, a company called NiceHash was hacked and their bitcoin was stolen. Well, it seems a North Korean hacker group has been indicted for that 2017 NiceHash attack. Note: just indicted. The hackers are still at large in North Korea.

I remember the hack because I was using NiceHash at the time with my AntMiner S3. One morning it started beeping repeatedly because it had lost connection with the server.

My AntMiner S3

My AntMiner S3

Major Scientific Leap: Quantum Microscope Created That Can See the Impossible. Unfortunately no photos of what the microscope saw are in the article. And the best explanation about how it works is in the comments by commenter Usarian:

Usarian | June 10, 2021 at 7:29 am:

They use entanglement to tag the photons as they go out, then read the tags when the photons are detected, thus giving them the ability to precisely calculate the image and eliminate stray photons causing noise. Instead of having to use more photons, which irradiates living tissue, they can get a significantly clearer image using fewer photons (less intense light).

There is the following image in the Nature article:

A quantum image?

And lastly something more local: Kroger drone delivery takes off in Centerville. Kroger delivered, via drone, two bags of long-grain rice and a bit of fabric from the Wright Brothers’ 1903 flyer to Centerville City Hall from the Kroger Marketplace in Centerville - a distance of about 2,300 feet or a little less than half a mile.

Kroger Marketplace to Centerville City Hall - map data © 2021 Google

Kroger Marketplace to Centerville City Hall - map data © 2021 Google

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