My First Seven Months on Merch by Amazon: Sales Report

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Ever being the entrepreneur, I’ve been playing around with Amazon’s Print-On-Demand service Merch by Amazon. I’ve been doing this since March - although I believe I requested an account sometime late last year - and in my first four months, I had lackluster sales. Hell, I had no sales at all in the month of April!

However, my sales since July have really taken off. In September alone I made around $270. In this blog post, I’m just going to display a few charts reporting my sales and revenue - one by gender, one by size, and one by color. Then I’ll show you a weekly and monthly chart.

I don’t intend to go into any analysis of these charts - I just had fun making them in Microsoft Excel. If you want to see some of my designs, check out the t-shirt section of my blog.

Sales and Revenue by Gender

Gender Sales Pie

Gender Revenue Pie

Sales and Revenue by Size

Size Sales Pie

Size Revenue Pie

Sales and Revenue by Color

Color Sales Pie

Color Revenue Pie

Weekly and Monthly Sales

Weekly Sales

Monthly Sales

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  • Nice consistent growth right there! How much time to you put into it? And what are your projections for 2018?

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    • I don’t put too much time into it - maybe a few hours a week. As far as 2018, I fear my royalties may go down since Amazon is increasing their fees. I’ve been expanding into other print-on-demand sites, namely Redbubble and Teespring, but I haven’t had nearly the success with those two as I’ve had with Merch by Amazon.

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    • The biggest change was including keywords in the brand name in addition to bullet points & t-shirt name. I also got very lucky with a certain design that really took off.

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