Pei is Dead

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Pei is dead. As in the cash back app that allowed you to earn Bitcoin. Not Prince Edward Island.

Here’s a screenshot of an email I received

Pei will be winding down Bitcoin Wallet functionality on December 31, 2021.

Here’s what this means for you:

If you are currently holding a bitcoin balance on Pei, you will have until December 26, 2021 to sell or withdraw your Bitcoin holdings from the platform.

After December 26, if you still are holding a balance, we will attempt to sell your balance and return it to a bank account on file.

Thank you for using Pei.
The Pei Team

If you check out the reviews on Google Play you’ll see the app hasn’t been working for a few months now. Heck, it even hasn’t been working on the Apple App Store.

Some people have been successful loading it on an older version of Android; I did get it to load through the emulator provided with Android Studio, but I couldn’t withdraw.

I did deposit $21 bucks into their interest account. We’ll see if I end up getting anything back.

Remember, folks: not your keys, not your coins - and never invest speculate more than you’re willing to lose!

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  • I’m unsure if it’s from Pei, but I received a deposit today marked “WYRE PAYMENTS” for $37.93 in the same account that Pei withdrew the $21 from.

    I’m not sure if that includes any cash back money, or is only the money from their interest account. Either way, at least it’s more that $21.

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