September 2019 Book Reading List

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Some kids are into dinosaurs. Others, trains. Some kids even like trucks. But my son? He likes books.

Just some of his books. Just some of his books.

He’s only eighteen months old - so maybe he’s yet to have a dinosaur stage. And he did have a stage a few months ago where he was obsessed with ceiling fans of all things.

But right now, he loves his books. He loves flipping through them. And my wife couldn’t be happier for it.

This isn't even the rest of his books. This isn’t even the rest of his books.

I still read books to him, of course. Sometimes I let him turn the pages.

Oh, and he says a few words now: “up,” “down,” “all done,” “clock.”

Books I Read to My Son

The Book I Read for Me

I didn’t think the book I’m reading right now would take as long as is has - I’ve been working on it since July.

The book is 99 Classic Science-Fiction Short Stories. I guess it’s been taking so long since there’s 99 friggin’ stories.

Oh, well.

September seemed to be H.G. Wells month:

  1. The Man From the Atom by Green Peyton Wertenbaker
  2. In The Avu Observatory by H.G. Wells
  3. The Cone by H.G. Wells
  4. The Crystal Egg by H.G. Wells
  5. The Diamond Maker by H.G. Wells
  6. The Flowering of the Strange Orchid by H.G. Wells
  7. The Land Ironclads by H.G. Wells
  8. The Lord of the Dynamos by H.G. Wells
  9. The Man Who Could Work Miracles by H.G. Wells
  10. The New Accelerator by H.G. Wells
  11. The Plattner Story by H.G. Wells
  12. The Purple Pileus by H.G. Wells
  13. The Sea Raiders by H.G. Wells
  14. The Star by H.G. Wells
  15. The Stolen Bacillus by H.G. Wells
  16. The Stolen Body by H.G. Wells
  17. The Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham by H.G. Wells
  18. Æpyornis Island by H.G. Wells

I’m more than halfway through now!

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