October 2019 Book Reading List

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Another month over, another book reading list.

It’s crazy I’ve been doing these “book reading lists” for almost two years now - my first was in January 2018 - although I did skip the month of February 2019.

Books I Read to My Son

What’s also crazy is that I’ve been consistently reading to my son almost since the day he was born.

My first “book reading list” that mentions reading to him is April 2018 - and really couldn’t have been any sooner, since he was born at the end of March.

Here’s what I read to him this month:

You’ll notice one item on the list isn’t linked - First Words The Farm. Despite having an ISBN on the book (9784577558972) I can’t find any evidence the book even exists on the Internet.

Front of First Words The Farm Front of the mystery book.

Back of First Words The Farm Back of the mystery book.

I was able to find the publisher’s website - Flying Frog Publishing. And plenty of books pop up when searching Flying Frog Publishing on Amazon.

Publication details. Publication details - including ISBN “9784577558972”, barcode “082116032472”, publisher name, etc.

The Books Stories I Read for Me

I’ve trying to finish the “book” I’m reading now - 99 Classic Science-Fiction Short Stories - as quickly as possible.

I’ve been working on it since July and am itching to get to another book.

This month I read stories fifty-three through seventy-four:

  1. Youth by Isaac Asimov
  2. Advanced Chemistry by Jack G. Huekels
  3. A Relic of the Pliocene by Jack London
  4. A Thousand Deaths by Jack London
  5. Planchette by Jack London
  6. The Curious Fragment by Jack London
  7. The Man With the Gash by Jack London
  8. The Red One by Jack London
  9. The Shadow and the Flash by Jack London
  10. The Strength of the Strong by Jack London
  11. The Unparalleled Invasion by Jack London
  12. When the World Was Young by Jack London
  13. The Pygmy Planet by Jack Williamson
  14. Regeneration by Katherine MacLean & Charles Dye
  15. Games by Katherine MacLean
  16. The Carnivore by Katherine MacLean
  17. The Natives by Katherine MacLean
  18. Report on Grand Central Terminal Miles by Leo Szilard
  19. The Gostak and the Doshes by John Breuer
  20. Uncommon Castaway by Nelson Slade Bond
  21. The Last Survivor by Peter B. Kyne
  22. Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick

That leaves, what, 25 stories left? I can do it!

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