The Tale of my Wife's Laptop Battery

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Many moons ago - back in 2017 I think - I bought my wife an HP Pavilion. Or rather we bought it together for her.

For the most part, she’s liked it. She has had a couple of complaints - mainly that it seemed slow at times.

After making sure she closed all 100 or so browser tabs, I maxed out her RAM and later upgraded here hard drive to a solid state drive.

Most recently - and I’m impressed she noticed - she said her battery percentage was decreasing.

The thing is - the laptop is almost always plugged in. There’s no reason is should ever be that much less than 100%.

But despite being always plugged in, the percentage started to creep down. 75%. 50%. 25%.

It didn’t go down as fast as if it weren’t plugged in - this was over weeks and months.

So I ran the PowerShell command powercfg /BATTERYREPORT and it generated the following HTML:

Yep - the battery was about dead. After all, it’s been five years.

I ordered a new one with as as much amp-hours as I can find - a NinjaBatt Pro Battery 2600mAh - and replaced her old one.

And her battery is now happily at 100% again.

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