2018 End of Year Side Income Report

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This is my third annual End of Year Side Income Report which means this blog has been around for at least three years. In actuality, it’s been around for four - my first post for this instance of my blog was on September 2, 2015, although I have pulled some old posts from my old blog.

This year, I’ve grouped my side income (side hustle, side job, side what-have-you) into five categories: Survey & Rebate Programs, Flipping, Credit Card Rewards, Bank Accounts, Print-On-Demand Sites, and Blogging. I’m mostly just going to provide raw numbers in this report, although I will link to any blog posts where I’ve talked or reviewed a certain hustle.

And I’ll spam my referral links as well. What’s a blog without a slew of referral links?

If you want to check out my previous two End of Year Side Income Reports, here are the links:

Survey & Rebate Programs

I wrote a review of the Bumped App last month. Essentially it’s a cash-back program except instead of cash you get stock in the company.

I also wrote a post in October about whether or not eBates is safe. Honestly, I was hoping for that sweet, sweet Google juice to get me some hits hoping people would sign up using my eBates referral link.


Due to the time involved with having a newborn son, I’ve cut significantly back on this side hustle. That said, I did make $50.33 selling items on eBay.

Credit Card Rewards

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited → $440.64
  • Chase Freedom → $557.68
  • US Bank Cash+ → $186.31
  • Capital One Quicksilver → $43.29
  • Total → $1,227.92

Currently only one of the above credit cards has a referral bonus - the Chase Freedom Unlimited - although I still have a redirect on my referral page for the Chase Freedom “Regular”.

Update 10-23-2019 - there is a referral for the Capital One Quicksilver now.

For those that are curious about the differences between the cards above, the Chase Freedom Unlimited and the Capital One Quicksilver both provide unlimited 1.5% cash back. The Chase Freedom provides 5% cash back a rotating category, with 1% back on non-category items, although the 5% cash back is limited to $75 ($1500 worth of purchases). The US Bank Cash+ is similar to the Chase Freedom with rotating 5% and 2% categories, although I’m unsure if there’s a cap on it as well.

Bank Accounts

  • Quorum Interest → $0.07
  • Credit Union Interest → $69.49
  • Ally Interest → $197.58
  • SaverLife → $60.00
  • Total → $327.14

This is just savings account interest except for the “SaverLife” thing, which was some sort of savings promotion ran by that company (I think it’s a nonprofit?) earlier this year.

Print-on-demand is mostly t-shirts, although there are other products such as PopSockets on Amazon. Most of the money made was via Amazon’s program, which I talk about on my posts My First Seven Months on Merch by Amazon: Sales Report and First Half 2018 Merch by Amazon Sales Report.


  • Amazon Associates → $53.15
  • Square Cash Referrals → $30.00
  • Total → $83.15

I assume my Square Cash Referrals came from my Square Cash Review, although I could be wrong.

Amazon Associates is just when someone buys a product from Amazon after clicking an Amazon link from this website.


  • Survey & Rebate Programs → $288.33
  • Flipping → $50.33
  • Credit Card Rewards → $1,227.92
  • Bank Accounts → $327.14
  • Print-On-Demand Sites → $2,219.85
  • Blogging → $83.15
  • Total → $4,196.72

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  • Joe, i guess we have a few things in common, I’m a #lifelonglearner too, & am in total agreement about the possibilities of jobs on Amazon, except what is a print on demand?

    • Hi Kim!

      Print-on-demand is where the product isn’t printed until a sale is made. In the case of t-shirts, I provide a design to be printed on the t-shirt, and then when the website sells a t-shirt with that design, they’ll print the design on a t-shirt and ship it to the customer. I don’t have to keep an inventory of any physical products at all, and the website (Redbubble, Amazon, etc) shares the profit of the sale with me.

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